Group Types

  • Open – non-members can see the group content, but they can't post – anyone can join
  • Private – group page visible to all – must be accepted – content visible to only group members - must be invited or request 
  • Secret – group and content only visible to group members – must be invited - non-members can't see the group page


  • Educational
  • Mindset
  • Comedy
  • Automotive
  • Finances
  • Religious
  • Sad - Emotional
  • Other

Group Overview

Join groups

Search for groups you may be interested in

Create groups as the admin

Be invited to be a group moderator

Invite others to join the group

Interact with other members with similar interests

Search and connect with other members of groups

Post content and images in groups

Post videos in groups

Create and share polls

Comment and react 

Schedule post

Tag other group members in posts

Add hashtags to posts

Save posts

Sort posts

Search posts

Set your group notification preferences

Group Admins

As a group admin or moderator you'll be able to:

Set the tone of the group

Establish the - group name, description, avatar, and cover image

Set the group visibility to open, private, or secret

Invite others to the group

If the group is not open, approve or reject requests to join

Remove group members

Block members

Moderate group content

Message group members 

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